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I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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  1. angel albrto



    Just like the TV cooks abbreviate Extra Virgin Olive Oil to "EVOO" to save time, Chris should brand "ESTL" (extra-strength thread locker).

  3. gwapo aldrean

    I already knew its a april fools because i saw the date you uploaded it on april 1 And i already knew blinker fluid dont exist

  4. Anthony Moreno


  5. Douglas Rogers

    Why not solve the reason that people who are clearly intelligent are stealing your car or breaking in to your garage?

  6. Xian Gabriel Villena

    I'm a big fan of you keep up

  7. hüsamettin akar

    I'm so happy that I've discovered your channel!!

  8. slab hunter


  9. Randy Kennedy

    the summer air part killed me. Also because I had a lady tell me not to adjust her tire pressure because she put the summer air in her tires already. They were 20 psi under.

  10. Jou Pa

    Does someone else also have the urge to build one of these

  11. Rare Breed

    When I had young children, I'd just lightly pass a flamethrower over the entire interior.

  12. Nashaun T

    just came across this channel, and strangely you sound like chris, the host from total drama island lol

  13. xeliah.....official

    Re quo mend a super charger

  14. Sarah Haifa

    I saw you reflection dude

  15. tntchest Youtube

    Crazy to think that this is his first video

  16. Daniel Brewer

    I've got some bad news for you car guys. It litteraly makes 0 difference between 87 and 93. Anything above 87 is nothing more than a feel good justification for the idea that your over priced high compression engine "runs better" on higher octane. Spoiler alert...... No it doesn't. Contrary to this video, no more damage will occur if you use 87 vs 93. If you experience "engine knock" it IS NOT related to the level of octane. You have other issues. Save yourself some money, buy the 87. But hey, if it makes you feel better, buy what ever you want. Lol. Also, engine oil...... Haha guest what?..... Other than viscosity (that's important) largely the same. But buy your favorite most expensive brand. You do you. Live your best life! Haha

  17. niles.a

    If you go with an external TPMS, you might also get a wheel balance with them installed. Speaking from experience.

  18. A random lad

    Who actually saw this video when it was new I did

  19. Marv🦇

    we need a fave reveal

  20. Deepa S

    how on earth did he get the camera in the fuel tank

  21. JPLMONEY23

    I liked cuz of the gas price.

  22. San the Man

    I had a friend who went to the store to get blinker fluid for his girlfriend. He was telling the story to me all mad and stuff, he was mad I was laughing at it.

  23. evergreen prospectors

    Good idea with the vice mounted to the wielding table

  24. Yavuz Yavuz

    Blinker fluids and return springs :)))

  25. MasonNoobPRODUCTION

    This video is kind of sad

  26. Chernova

    don't need to have this sort of luxury when your clutch's so broken no-one can drive it anyway

  27. andylrnt

    I love your enthusiasm, it makes watching your car cleaning videos enjoyable, not to forget educating.

  28. Mule' Boys


  29. Matthew Thao

    This man trying to fly when he drifts

  30. Anthony Garcia

    Um you do kno2 that criminals can just watch this and can find out how to turn off the kill switch

  31. Divyansh Shukla

    5:22 that's what she said 😂😂

  32. James Jesse L

    Can you put this on matte plastidip applied on wheels?

  33. Dasun prabodha

    Who are watching this video in 2021..❤

  34. Deepa S

    now he doesnt need a shopping kart lol

  35. Steezy Kraig

    watching these videos is just learning weird niche things you may never have to do, but you will know how! love this channel

  36. lenn mora

    Great video! For sure, is an awesome gift. Who's chopping onions? My dream car is the Cadillac CTS-V.

  37. 18 Mladen Stojanovic

    5:50 the hole looks like a Africa

  38. Virjoinga

    Man I want to do this so badly. My car does not have much aftermarket support so if I can I'd love to do a suspension conversion to another vehicle that has better aftermarket support.

  39. E93. iS DrEw

    How would you do this with surface rust on the roof of a car

  40. durrian

    Fin fact the hummer used to be called humuvv

  41. Leif André Leonhardsen

    I love dogs

  42. Joseph Lewis

    my mom and dad says it is not thing is it?

  43. Emmanuel U.

    Can we use this same method on any glass on the sides?

  44. Henry Peña

    I can't find the blinker fluid on ur website.

  45. MK2 Golf Stories

    nice vid Chris

  46. Jeremy Towns

    would this work with my shoulder as well?

  47. Ted Ciesielski

    Hi Chris, the speedometer on the 2005 KIA Sorento displays a speed of 20mls/h more all the time. How to reset to zero? Is it cluster is bad or speedometer sensor or maybe a computer?

  48. Evaldas Drungilas

    Hi Cris :) Meybe can make video about vanos? Becouse I don't know vanos or worse..

  49. shmuck azoid

    Hondas never die 😂

  50. The real Sharps

    what happened to your voice in 6 years? you sound like an overexcited school kid now. back then .. sensible.

  51. Eric Bonewicz

    I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra SeR And I have drum brakes on the back. I feel like they are always messing up and making some weird noise I’ve had to fix both sides at least once already. They’re kind of a pain in the ass every time I feel like I go over a bump or train tracks another noise starts

  52. The real Sharps

    Drive down the road in the first wet day, and it looks exactly the same as where you started

  53. Jenna Painton


  54. Ung Inc


  55. Still Learning

    Safety, safety, safety....make sure the vehicle is properly supported on jack stands and not only by the jack. Place a tire beneath the frame in case the vehicle does fall, the rotors/axle won't hit the ground. Remove the cap to the master cylinder before beginning, place paper towels around the master cylinder to catch any overflowing brake fluid as a result of compressing the cylinder. Torque each bolt type to its specified value, including lug nuts. Learn how to "Bed In" the new brake pads. -Later

  56. Brian

    Hi Chris! love the video. I want to ask, after filling with 50/50 fresh coolant, do we still need drain and re-fill again until all distilled water gone? i'm afraid there are many distilled water left in the engine and change the coolant ratio. thanks

  57. Avocado Goop

    777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 xqcL

  58. GoldKatt

    Arnold would be proud :)

  59. Barry Mason

    The fuel you put in your car should be the fuel it is tuned for, the first 10:26 of this video is pointless information that has no bearing at all on the subject at hand. This video should have been about 2 minutes long at most without all the techy crap that people don't need to know. You want to spend 10 minutes talking about octane numbers, fuel additives and the importance of keeping your engine clean then make a video on it and title it appropriately don't stick all that in a video on a totally different subject. Blacklisted

  60. lukeafk

    Chris is still out responding to comments from old videos. Nice job

  61. pc 7x

    How to reduce the weight of your car... get a skinny girlfriend.

  62. Andre Gavois

    Thanks for the video i'm rebuilding and engine on a holden jackaroo and all fluids are really bad so your video will be pretty helpful

  63. joshua aguilera


  64. Cameron May

    I’ve used this many times to fix motorcycles and cars. It’s great

  65. Luke Gorman

    Don't worry Chris "it looks professional like I took it somewhere and got it done " bro honestly half the crooks out there doing steering wheel repair skip all those steps to hurry and get paid instead of going the extra mile to give it a longer life bro you are 100% the most professional person I've ever seen hope you respond to this hence 4yr old video still a hit cheers 🥂

  66. Amir J

    I thought I knew how to wash my car properly. After 4 years of car ownership and now finally with my first of many dream cars, I've stumbled across Chrisfix. Not only did you show me how to super-clean my car and the enginebay, but how to properly service it by myself. My '98 BMW looks better, drives better and feels better than most of my friends newer/modern cars. Big Probs from Germany!

  67. RudeBwai115

    Awesome video Bro ahahha i love Hummers too

  68. James Madison


  69. David Duarte

    And what about the injectors?

  70. WISM

    I watch these videos for fun, because no matter how many times I watch them, I don't know what's going on. There is just so much stuff lmfao

  71. lemon head

    That looks like the mustang that you showed us

  72. Mexican Dream

    Chris: "installing ebrake is opposite of taking it apart" Also Chris: you're welcome, explanations. 👍

  73. The Hitman

    I did this exactly like you did and it still looks the same. I'm very disappointed, but I know it is because of the type of chip I had, it is sebaceous. Can't be repaired unfortunately.

  74. lemon head

    I think you should get a mustang

  75. Adrian Draganescu

    What if there is something like a grinding sound or such at the end of the braking process? Just when it gets in a standstill. What could the reason of that be? On a 1 year old car with not so much mileage.

  76. teo

    Can you put chambrege un you car

  77. Odeo

    3121 pounds is my guess

  78. Kerbin Centurion

    oh great Chris, tell me your wisdom

  79. TheRan

    Its a face reval video